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Attn: Men – Fondue is Sexy Food!


I say, “attn: Men”, only because I think a woman would be more impressed with a fondue meal than a man would (but, I could be wrong). Fondues are fun and easy and women love them! If you want to impress your girl with a special meal and a romantic evening, what better way than to feed her crusty bread or shrimp dipped in a warm buttery cheese sauce, served with a nice cold chardonnay or just have dessert and serve fruit & angel food cake dipped in warm melted chocolate.

Nothing spoils a romantic evening more than a huge meal that fills you up and makes you want to go to sleep. I think a light meal of fondue and maybe a salad is the perfect start to a wonderful romantic evening. Fondue is also fun! You have those long skinny forks which are perfect for feeding each other.

For Fondue information & recipes just click on the Fondue Picture above!

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