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What is a Monokini?

Suspender Monokini Image

A monokini is a one piece bikini.  A one piece swimsuit usually has a lot of coverage, whereas a monokini has minimal coverage like a bikini.

Monokinis like this yellow one are ultra sexy, have a thong back and are often worn by exotic dancers.  They are also fun for romantic private jacuzzi / pool use.

Many monokinis offer more coverage, but are still sexy, like this black O-ring style.  From the back it looks like a regular 2 piece full back bikini, but it is really a one piece, monokini.

O-ring Monokini

I like these because you can get a great tan (unlike in a one piece) and never have to worry about losing your bottoms while body surfing in the ocean!


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    June 22, 2012

    She doesnt look that bad show that much skin, her bikini is lovely because of how much of her body is exposed.

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